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Flirt4free: Free live supermodels on cam

Flirt4free is one of the biggest webcam sex sites and one of the first sites to introduce free live sex chat. They are known for the extremely hot camgirls that can easily compete with the hottest supermodels. One downside used to be their expensive private shows. But this is something in the past and you can find extremely cheap camgirls, and yes they still look like supermodels even in the lower private show price ranges.

Camgirls with supermodel looks

The first thing I noticed when browsing the flirt4free site is how incredibly beautiful the camgirls are. It’s unlike any other webcam sex site I have visited (and trust me when I say those are plenty) It’s not only that they are hot good looking girls, it’s that almost every camgirl has extremely professional erotic photos on their profiles. With most of them easily competing with the world’s best-looking supermodel photoshoots. It’s absolutely delicious and without even registering ad spending a single buck you can have a good time at flirt4free.

Free live chat

Flirt4free was one of the first webcam sex sites to introduce free chat. While it wasn’t nude chat, it was still unheard of because this was way back in the nineties. Of course now in 2022 it’s considered pretty much standard to have camgirls in free chat and not only non-nude but also free naked girls. Of course, it’s not totally free, the cam models still expect at least some viewers to donate credits.

And yes, also at flirt4free you have this option. You can donate credits, most girls have interactive sex toys that get activated when viewers donate credits, the bigger the donation the more intense and longer the vibrations of the sex toys. how crazy and extreme these free shows get depends on the number of donations. And if you are lucky all the other viewers are donating and you can just enjoy the full sex show for free.

seupr model camgirls
Many flirt4free models can easily compete with supermodels when it comes to esthetics

Cheap one on one private camgirls

Flirt4free with its high-quality supermodels used to be extremely expensive when it came to private one-on-one shows. It was a luxury intensely erotic and exotic experience only accessible to those with a few dollars to spend. Back in the day prices for private chats could get as high as 6 dollars per minute. Nowadays there are still some very popular with a lot of die-hard fans who can get away with charging these tariffs.

But there are a lot more webcam sex sites now than there were back then, and many of those sites have very cheap camgirls available for private shows, one of our favorite cheap webcam sex sites is cheapcamsex.com where you can get a private chat with a camgirl for less than 90 cents.

The competition

To compete with sites like that the webcam models at flirt4free had no choice but to make themselves available for private chats at more affordable rates. And while it by now means is the cheapest cam sex site out there. When you factor in that it’s a somewhat luxury experience with a class of insanely hot girls it is well worth it. And when browsing for information about flirt4free if found that they are often mentioned in articles that list the best Livejasmin alternatives. And this says a lot because if you don’t already know it yet, LiveJasmin is one of the biggest cam sex sites, famous for its amazingly sexy camgirls. And often named as the site with the best looking webcam models

120 free credits

And to even further motivate people to experience how amazing the flirt4free girls are, they have even introduced a super popular promotion. New visitors get 120 free credits to spend however they want. This can be used to donate and activate a webcam model’s sex toy in free chat, but also to spend on private one-on-one chats.

And while it’s not uncommon to receive free credits as a first-time user on a webcam sex site. You normally have to buy credits first to receive your extra free credits. Not at flirt4free. you do not need to buy any credits. You just register for a free account and your free 120 credits will be instantly deposited into your account

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