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Paybyphonecams.com best pay by phone cams?

just by the name, it is obvious what paybyphonecams.com is all about. Webcam sex with pay by phone access. I’m happy to see that there are more new pay-by-phone sex cam sites emerging lately. It is one of my favorite payment methods for porn because it doesn’t require you to register and enter personal information at those sites. I have done some review searching on the web and many claim that this is the best pay by phone cam sex site. Let’s see if I agree

Webcam Models

The site looks rather basic. there is a simple categories menu with a few search functions and the webcam models have a bio page with some pictures but that’s about it. The most important thing of course is the models and the quality of their shows, But if you are looking for a big site with a flashy design and lots of free content, this is not the site for you. If you are looking for a bit more premium feeling pay by phone camsex site I recommend cheapercams.com

But lets continue with the models at paybyphonecams.com you can select cam models by only the following 3 criteria

  • Gender: women, men, and trans
  • Language: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian
  • Age: 18-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-99

as you can see very limited search options, this is not a huge deal most just click on a webcam model that looks sexy to them. But the age selection is a bit strange in my opinion. 18-34 is a pretty wide age range. it would have been nice to be able to select only webcam girls under 25 years. Of course, this is personal taste but I like to see younger ladies on webcam.

There were 55 cam models online, mostly girls. Which isn’t amazing. There are some cuties though but if you are looking for transgenders or guys then this is not the site for you because there are barely any models in those categories available

They could use more online models but there are some sexy girls online

Countries and Cost

Paying by phone is not available in all countries. It also has a different cost in each country, because the premium phone number you need to call is different and has a different per minute price depending on the country you are in.

Here are the countries in which paying by phone is available and how much it costs per minute in each country

  • AUSTRIA: 1.80 EUR per minute
  • BELGIUM: 2.00 EUR per minute
  • GERMANY: 1.99 EUR per minute
  • NETHERLANDS: 0.80 EUR per minute
  • SPAIN: 1.20 EUR per minute
  • AUSTRALIA: 2.30 AUD per minute
  • FINLAND: 1.33 EUR per minute
  • FRANCE: 0.34 EUR per minute
  • GREECE: 2.99 EUR per minute
  • HUNGARY: 450.00 HUF per minute
  • ITALY: 1.80 EUR per minute
  • LUXEMBOURG: 1.14 EUR per minute
  • NEW ZEALAND: 2.99 NZD per minute
  • POLAND: 7.63 PLN per minute
  • SWEDEN: 20.00 SEK per minute
  • SWITZERLAND: 2.50 CHF per minute
  • UNITED KINGDOM: 1.00 GBP per minute

As you can see the price of webcam sex when paying by phone varies greatly per country. For example in France you will pay just 0.34 Euro per minute, which is insanely cheap. But people in Greece are less fortunate and pay 2.99 euro which is expensive in my opinion. So pay attention when paying by phone


If paying by phone is expensive in your country or you are living in a country where paying by phone is not available then you can still have webcam sex at paybyphonecams.com You will need to register an account which takes only 1 minute (one of the advantages of paying by phone is that you do not need to register)

If you register an account you will have the option to buy credits with regular payment methods like a credit card. Depending on which country you are in you might see more alternative payment methods. One advantage of registering an account is that you can buy different-sized credit packages at discounted prices. And the bigger the package the bigger the discount

Paying by phone ranges from very cheap to expensive depending on the country you are in


Some people think that since it’s a pay by phone cam sex site you will have to have cam sex on your phone. This is not the case. Yes, you can have the cam chat on your phone if you wish so. But it also works perfectly fine on desktops and laptops. When you pay by phone you get a personalized pin code which you can use on the desktop site as well.

In fact, I prefer to have cam sex on a desktop or laptop, not just for the bigger screen so I can see the camgirl better. But I’m not really a fan of the mobile cam sex chat paybyphonecams has. On mobile, the chat seems of lower quality and you get redirected to a separate mobile app site. Which I absolutely hate. So I prefer it on desktop


In my opinion, paybyphonecams is not the best pay by phone cam sex site. Reading reviews from others had me expecting more. It’s mainly the lack of online models that I’m disappointed in. I don’t really need the fancy looks and limitless search options other premium webcam sex sites have. But some more choice in camgirls would be nice.

Having said that. If you do see a camgirl you like, and you are lucky enough to live in one of the countries where paying by phone is cheap, then you can have fun for days. As I said, there are some really cute camgirls at pay by phone cams so I advise you to go check them out to see if there’s anyone you would like to have webcam sex with

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